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Everything’s Holy Now

When holy water was rare at best, it barely wet my fingertips. But now I have to hold my breath because I swimming in a see of it…Everything is holy now.”

These are words taken from a great song performed by the great David Wilcox, but written by the great Peter Mayer. Ever since I heard this song for the first time, it has really gotten me to think a lot about how I view the world.
Tonight in my small group, we talked a bit about mystery and miracles and our cultures views on this subjact after reading about the birth of Christ in Matthew. I feel that our culture doesn’t leave room for mystery and we certainly don’t have categories for miracles. We’ve become so darn smart and figured so many things out that it is hard to think that something might be unexplainable. If something can’t be explained, it must be because we just haven’t figured it out yet and the day will come when we do have it figured out.
Christianity itself is full of mystery and miracles, but I feel like we have lost touch with that aspect because it becomes so familiar to us. Living in mystery and believing in miracles takes a lot of faith. And according to another singer/songwriter (Andrew Peterson), “faith is a burden…its a weight to bear.” Being ok with not being able to explain everything is not easy. I feel that not having God figured out (or thinking that I have him figured out) is incredibly healthy for a Christian. Otherwise, God becomes stale. He’s always the same. But if you dwell in the mystery of who God is and what he does, every day is a new adventure with God. Then, like Wilcox says in his song, the struggle isn’t finding a miracle, it’s finding where there isn’t one.


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  1. First comment!! So glad you’re blogging… ~ Leslie P

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