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Longing for more…

After today I just feel like the title of my blog. During church today, four things came to mind that I wanted to start doing ranging from going beyond just sunday morning sunday school with a couple of the boys in my class to talking to Carl Smith about Restore Orlando to other things as well. Then my mind starts racing about figuring out schedules and fitting things in and about how everything would work out. I get tired just thinking about it all. How does one actually do everything that they want to do (or think they should be doing).
Right now, I already feel too tired. I’m always draggin’ myself out of bed in the morning. Its never to attack the day looking forward to what God has in store. It’s always thinking how soon I can get my butt back under the covers. (Don’t worry, I’m not depressed, I think I just like sleeping a little too much…blame it on my father, the world’s best sleeper).
I think I have the problem of not wanting to miss anything. I want to be so many things and do so many things because I don’t want to miss out on something that I should be doing. When I think about it, I know that God won’t actually allow me to “miss out” on something he actually wants me to be doing. But still, there just seems so much out there. It seems that so much is required of Christians, and sometimes i feel that I need to have my hand in it all. I need to help the Katrina people, the AIDS orphans in Africa, the starving people in China, the homeless people in Chicago, the billions of people everywhere who don’t believe in the gospel. Simply overwhelming.
So what I am trying to get the Lord to pound into this thick skull of mine is that he has gifted me in some areas and I best be using those gifts for his kingdom. I can’t do everything, but I can do something. Just don’t squander the gifts I have been given. I need to be used where I am, realizing there are other Christians in other places who are called to be used as well and are using there gifts in the same way I need to be using mine. Where I am not serving, someone else is serving, or at least has the opportunity to serve.
Now the question begs to be asked, where can I best be used by God? My answer right now is, start where you are.


4 Responses

  1. Mikey!! I think you are right…it’s easy to feel exasperated when we realize we can’t do everything. The difference we make may only seem like a dent to the world, but it could be an impact of much bigger proportion to the people we’re directly involved with. All I am really saying is keep on keepin’ on.

    And keep on writing as well. I enjoy it.

  2. mike…i love your heart! keep opening up yourself to where God wants to use you. peace my friend

  3. Just remember God has you where you are doing what you are doing for a reason. Did you ever picture me as a homeschooling mom of six? There are days when I wish I could be “out making a difference in the world” and then I realize iam! I’m making the difference in the lives of 6 who will some day make a difference in other peoples lives and each generation that will be multiplied. Think about our first christian rleatives and the impact they have made now generations later! So bloom where you are planted and let God work in the hearts of those around you through your witness.

  4. Oh, boy, totally. I completely feel the same way, and I’m already halfway around the world from my family. It’s a tough one and I hope God gives us all lots of peace about it. Nice to see you online, by the way!

    Much love,

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