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I don’t think that I have ever owned a fish before. My family never was really much of a “pet family.” We had a hampster once, but Honey didn’t last very long. Oh well.
Yesterday was a tough day and I felt like I needed a friend. Not one to go out to coffee with or play around with, just one who would listen. So Buddy is now doomed to live with me. Hopefully I can keep him around for a while.
Buddy is a beta, but I really didn’t want a beta. I wanted a really cool looking golfish who was white and orange with blue spots. He looked really neat. But when the person at PetSmart told me that it would grow to about 10 inches, I opted for the beta (just don’t tell Buddy that he wasn’t my first choice). Oh well.
So now I always have a captive audience if I need one. I’m just nervous that this creature’s whole existence is dependent on me. Lets hope he lives for a while.


4 Responses

  1. So Awesome!! I sat down to write you an email a while ago when I forgot the address! i got the mfenne but not the gmail. So sorry. When is the best time to call? I have wanted to but know that your schedule is kind of crazy, just like mine. I am so glad that you have a blog so i can keep up with you even when I forget your email and dont know when to call.
    You know buddy isn’t all that bad. did you know that beta fish are one of the hardest fish to kill? I know, I killed like 5 of those fish that grow really big in a week last year. and then I got a beta. I dont remember what happend to that fish… well yeah. He is so pretty.
    anyway, have a great day, thanks for the email, I will give a good response sometime soon when i find a good chunck of time to sit down.
    Have a great day. I’ll catch you later.

  2. You never explained how Honey died, dear bro! Your neices and nephews want to know if you were so lonely why didn’t you get a nice kitty or a dog like Nikita? They do think Buddy is cool and want to know if he’s coming to visit at Thanksgiving also. Did you remember that Buddy is what Cara calls Josiah?

  3. Hey Mikey…tough day eh? Hope you’re doing all right. Can’t let my fellow Floridians feel lonely. I’m glad you have a “buddy” now. (I’m assuming that was the origin behind the name? ;)) Animals are a wonderful captive audience, especially fish, as they cannot leave the fishbowl to run around anywhere, especially as they cannot run at all.

    On that note…

  4. I don’t think that I remember how Honey died. I was probably too young…
    Unfortunately, Buddy will not be coming with me. The beauty of betas is that the don’t need to be fed all that often, so he will be staying here and fasting for most of the weekend unless one of my roommates remembers to drop a few pellets in the bowl. So Josiah will be the only buddy around that weekend.

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