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This one’s for you…

…mom and dad. I know that you guys love to know what is going on in my life here in FL. Here are a couple of pictures of some friends of mine for you and an idea of what I’ve been up to recently.
I also know that you guys are avid fans of my blog. However, I have yet to see a comment posted by either of you. Well, here is you opportunity….(other comments welcome too of course!)


7 Responses

  1. Thanks for the welcome back on my page, I’ve enjoyed reading your blog for the past month or so and the pics are great. Good to see your family. We’ll definitely have to catch up soon. Later

  2. I love the family pictures. We’ll have to update when you get home at Thanksgiving. We are looking forward to seeing everyone real soon. This “blog” thing is new to us but we’ll catch on.

    love Dad & Mom

  3. Success! Happy to have you guys officially on my blog. Now that you are starting to get the hang of it, I hope to see more comments coming from you.
    Thanks for the great talk tonight. I love catching up with the two of you. See you very soon!

  4. Cool site, good pics, and ya, deep thoughts.

  5. comments are great, but not leaving a name…that might be unforgiveable.

  6. Oh, was I suppose to leave my name? Well, I’ll think about it next time.

  7. It’s a great blog!!! you have cool pictures and i also enjoyed reading it.

    You did a good job on it!!!!!

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