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Evidence of the Fall

**How hard relationships are to maintain.
**Trying to figure out members of the opposite sex (either male or female, i’m not just ripping how impossible women are to understand).
**Trying to complete the rest of this blog, but not being able to focus because my roommates are making too much of ruckus with their conversation and me wanting really badly to crawl into bed but I can’t because I’ve got to pack for Chicago.

Peace out everyone. Have a great Thanksgiving, and I’ll give a real update when I get back, hopefully much rejuvinated and having much to talk about.


3 Responses

  1. Yeah. Women will be forever impossible to understand. Heck, I don’t understand them and I am one of them. Problamatic – I think so.

  2. 🙂
    Relationships are very hard to maintain. My problem is always: How do I KNOW which ones are supposed to sort of slip away for now and pick up again in the Kingdom?

  3. Sorry for making so much ruckus. If you want to figure out women just ask Shawn, he knows all.

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