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Clubbin’ in Dowtown Orlando

Number one reason why I love where I work: they throw good parties.
Last night we had our Christmas party downtown at the Citrus club. Good food, nice place, great view. The best part was hanging out with people outside of work. The walls come down, the conversation becomes a little more real, and you git to know people a little better.
The people that I work with are a fun bunch too. Everyone has very different personalities, but I feel that we fit together as a team so well. Having a good team feeds the success of the company, not to mention the solid leadership of Don and Jamie.
We also got to play a nice little game of Yankee Swap, as Michael from the office would say (it was intended from the get go. No one got an oven mitt and then decided to turn it into Yankee Swap). Don, as always, was most generous, and all of us walked away with gift cards to some very nice restaurants (nice work Hayley on picking that #1).
After a lot of hard work, it was nice to be able to kick back and have some fun with the people that I spend a majority of my time with.
Enjoy the pics.


One Response

  1. fun stuff. like the black shirt/red tie combo. very stylin’.

    btw, where’s my link?

    – Sharpe

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