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In loving memory…

I hardly knew him, but it amazes me how much I still think about him. For a while, I actually used to carry a quarter in my pocket to remind me of him. Why? Because one cold January day on the way back from our interim class, I picked up a snowball as I always did. “What’ll you give me if I hit that tree?” “A quarter.” I hit it, and he paid up. Always a man of his word.
I hardly knew him, but I was getting to know him. I know that he and I could have been great friends if we just had the opportunity. If he was on third Beets instead of second. If I went on FYF one year later. If we had more classes together. If, if, if.
I hardly knew him, but so many others did. And to know him was to love him. His quirks, his jokes, his pranks, his guitar, his camera. Him.
I hardly knew him, but I know his sister, and she is my friend. I don’t know if I would have met her if it was not for him. Knowing him and knowing her, I see that Holy Spirit flows in the family.
I hardly knew him, and yet I miss him.
You are missed, but not forgotten. I am jealous of where you are and Who you are with. Thank you for who you were while you were here and how you have inspired others to be like you. And with every quarter I see, I will think of you and then I’ll think of Him.


2 Responses

  1. wow. that was beautiful, bro. thanks for sharing.

    btw, i was talking to drew yesterday and we agreed that you need to return more phone calls 🙂

  2. Thank you.

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