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i’m a mess…

so i’m sitting here in my dining room in my boer bennink shorts, a long-sleeved army-green shirt, and one sock (don’t ask). my hair’s a mess, my contacts are still in, i’m as tired as all get out (in fact i just got up from a brief and unexpected nap that snuck up on me while i was reading the davinci code just a minute ago). i’m not even using my own computer (thanks wes). it is nearing midnight and i should have been in bed hours ago. me and my boy sharpie are going for breakfast in the morning and i’ll be rising early so i should be asleep, but something keeps me up (and it’s not the fear of recent threats against me and my boys). i guess i just feel drawn to be. to think. to write.
i think that its moments like these that i feel God really speaking. the late nights and the early mornings. the times when i am alone but i know others aren’t around. some of my best experiences with the Lord aren’t much. they don’t always include the bible or praying or singing or something spiritual. its just me being and Him being with me. just sensing His presence.

i feel Him now.
its beautiful.

2 Responses

  1. Not your typical Sunday School answer, in other words, being real. Thanks for being honest.

  2. well, well, well. fancy meeting you here. i had no idea!

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