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Oh Happy Day!

For the second time since I have been in Florida, my dad is coming to visit. I am terribly excited! It is going to be a boy’s weekend! Anybody who wants to join us for bbq on Saturday night, just let me know! Either Smokey Bones or O’Boys! Once you’ll meet my dad, you’ll understand a little bit better why I am the way that I am! (in a good way, of course!)


5 Responses

  1. It’ll be good to see your pops again. Count me in for dinner at the least.

  2. wish I could join you but it sounds like boys night out. Don´t keep dad out too late

    love Mom

  3. It was great meeting your Dad. He’s much cooler than you. What happened there??

  4. Ok….So I heard Dad’s side of the weekend…Where’s your side! You know as soon as he landed he wanted to get back on that plane! Leaving in 85 degrees and landing in 3 inches of snow isn’t his idea of fun. He also says you need a new bed – yours is way to lumpy!

    BTW Jesica wants to know if you received her letter…

    We all miss you

  5. If I weren’t your partime roommate, I’d tell you to update your blog.

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