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And the winner is…

Honestly, I don’t think that anyone really had a chance to take the prize from this person. Others may have thought they were clever or witty, but any post by this person would have taken the cake. And in all fairness, I do believe that this person’s post was the best, I’m not choosing him because he’s my dad.
And here is your recognition…(everyone raise your drinks…)
Here’s to a man who has consistently shown me the way; who has shown me the value of hard work, and what it means to love one’s wife more than one’s own self. Here’ to a man who has always been there, who has always provided, always encouraged. He may have yelled a little too loud at sporting events, but that’s how you knew that he loved you. Since I can remember, he has been a rock in my life, someone that I can turn to for advice, for guidance, and to tell me what to do and calm me down after an accident. He quitely goes about his business, not needing recognition, but he’s getting it now. Thank you for the way you have shown your love to me throughout my life, and most importantly, thank you for showing me what it means for my father, whether it be my heavenly or earthly one, to care for me and want the best for me. I am unashamed that to say that I love you. And if I turn out just like you, it will be a life well lived…
…and based on this picture, I think I might turn out to look exactly like you since the only way that I can tell that is you in the picture instead of me is that I have never looked quite so distinguished.
Dad, thanks again for a great weekend. Please come again soon.


5 Responses

  1. This is very touching and I’m in tears now, ok maybe not but at least I’m thinking about tears. Seriously, I think your dad is the best. He’s really cool from the time that he was here and you can definitely learn a lot from him, not saying you’re not cool or anything:o)

  2. wow. i totally would have thought that was you in that picture. wild stuff.

    you and your dad have a really cool relationship. praise God for that.

  3. You are very special to him also, Mike. He loves all his children ( and grandchildren) and wants the best for them. But most important is that they are walking with the Lord. Looking forward to the time we both can come to see you.

  4. What a blessing to have a father on earth that is such a wonderful example of our father in Heaven. Your dad deserves every bit of recognition you credited him. On the other hand, he is fortunate to have a son who demonstates so many of his father’s attributes. Basically – you guys are great, and I enjoyed spending time with you both.

  5. Late submission cuz my computer was at the shop. Two is better than one.

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