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Long Time in Comin’

I’ve been wanting to put some of these up for a while, but I was waiting for the right time. You never want to do it too quickly, but after this weekend, I think that it’s ok.
For those of you who don’t know the beautiful woman in the picture with me, her name is Stephanie Kirkpatrick and she is nothing short of amazing. We’ve been kind of seeing each other the last coupla months, and what can I say? I think the pictures say it all. She met the fam last week, and I haven’t interogated each of them personally, but I do believe she “passed” with flying colors. How could she not? My father’s words to her as we were leaving are the perfect indication: “…you are welcome back her anytime, with or without Mike.” Thanks dad….seriously. Thank you.


7 Responses

  1. Mike,
    Thank you for the wonderful compliments, and in case you were wondering your family “passed” with me as well. They were so gracious and kind. I felt totally comfortable. I have loved the last few months, and I look forward to getting to know you better. Also, thanks for not putting up any bad pictures 🙂

  2. Stephanie passed the test here! The girls especially loved her and were sad after we dropped you guys off at the airport.

    However, I am a bit partial to the picture of her and the cute little guy! He’s so adorable isn’t he? I’m glad I can take half the credit – my personality with his Dad’s good looks!

  3. Mike. I am so happy for you! She is beautiful and I love to see you so happy!

  4. Hey Mike,
    I stumbled on your blog via Kim’s and Betsy’s. It sounds and looks like you are blessed. All best to you!

  5. It was our pleasure to have Stephanie (and you)spend the weekend with the family. It was a blessed time to have the entire family together. Stephanie is welcome in our home anytime. We ARE blessed!

    Mom & Dad

  6. Sorry to say, she didn’t pass. That’s right, she hasn’t met me(Troy). On the other hand, is there a reason she hasn’t met me? Is there!? I’ll just stay in my neck of the woods.

    However my other half and pint did meet her and the little pint just says bla bla. i really don’t understand him. The ‘half’ said she is ‘ok’. Alright, seriously i have heard nothing but good things about her. Good to see you two smitten’.

  7. I’m with Troy. (Even though I’m not dead sure who Troy is.) She hasn’t passed the college friend test yet, now has she?

    Seriously though, congrats and similar comments. She sounds great, and as such, she’s too good for you. Wrap her up before she gets wise.

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