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The Greatest Post Ever

Monday, May 29, 2006
After a long weekend on call, with many hours spent at the hospital, I arrived home mid-afternoon to find Mike at my house being his typical wonderful self and keeping my puppy jet company and cleaning up my newly renovated kitchen in preparation for what I though was going to be an evening of just “hanging out” and relaxing. After a short nap on the couch while Mike enjoyed some baseball he told me I better go freshen up as we had dinner reservations shortly. I prepared for what I thought was going to be a nice dinner in downtown Mt Dora and walked out of my room ready to go to the car. Mike in his ever so gently –slow down baby way- suggested that we take a walk down to the dock by my house before dinner to watch the sunset. Totally unsuspecting, I agreed.

As we approached the dock with the evening breeze blowing the long rushes and the lake in the background with just a slight chop, I saw a beautiful picnic presentation on the dock. There was a picnic basket equipped with china and silverware, 3 roses the size of Washington apples in a vase next to a bottle of Riesling chilling in a silver ice box. It was gorgeous, and still I had no I idea that the man I loved intended to propose that night. We enjoyed our dinner, well at least I did. Mike was not hungry for some reason. The sun was setting, and we made our way back to house. As we approached the front door, I could see through my front windows the distinctive glow of candles in darkness. I opened the door to one of the most beautiful scenes of my life. It will forever be burned in my memory. There were over 200 candles lit all over the room and white and red rose petals scattering the floor. It was breathtaking. As I stood in amazement, Mike turned on Frank Sinatra and took my hand to dance among the lights. We danced and chatted a few minutes, and while I do admit the thought of a proposal entered my mind I was certain it would not be coming because he had not met my father yet. Mike led me to the couch and as Frank died down in the background Mike started to play a different CD. I sat on the couch in wonderment watching a slide presentation on his computer with pictures of us scrolling by as if in time with the music playing. The song was “I’ll Be There For You” or as some of you may know better the Friends theme song. After the first few measures of the song the music softened a little and Mike’s voice cut in over the music. For the next 16 minutes He intermittently interrupted the music reading journal entry’s of important moments in out relationship. He talked about our first date, the first time he held my hand, and the first night that we talked about spending our lives together. I really started to get choked up when Mike read the entry of when he and my sister Brittany went shopping for my engagement ring totally unbeknownst to me. I know you all may think I am dense, but it was not until that moment that I truly knew he would propose that night. Shortly after that entry Mike describes how he called my father and asked him for permission for my hand in marriage. I lost it – I was overcome with joy and surprise. Mike also mentioned in that entry that he called my best friend Jessica just to keep her in the loop which helped the tears to flow even more. As I pulled myself together and the slide show ended Mike took my hand and led me to the center of the room next to a huge bouquet of red roses. He got down on one knee and gave me a proposal speech that no woman could refuse. He told me he loved me, which he had never done before and then asked “Will you marry me?” I replied emphatically with great enthusiasm “Yes, one thousand times over, YES!” It was incredible.

I am so honored to be marrying this wonderful man. He is a blessing from God, and one that I do not deserve. I love him and can not wait to marry him. I can’t stop smiling. Every time I look at my ring, I am reminded of the joy he has brought to my life.

As my father said in regard to his proposal, I applaud his technique. I could not have asked for a more meaningful proposal for marriage from the one I love. The final piece of the story came after the proposal and acceptance on my part. After I said yes Mike took a ring that looked as if it was designed from my imagination from his pocket and placed it perfectly on my finger.

Thank you to all of you who helped in making this such a special day (Ethan and Amy). I look forward to being able to participate in Mike’s blog on a more regular basis.


9 Responses

  1. Awesome. Well done, Mr. Fennema (and great reporting, Stephanie!). Thanks for the pictures; it looks like it was a beautiful time for you both! It was so good to see you guys this past weekend. Congradulations again, and I’ll be keeping your preparations in my prayers!

  2. mom and i are so excited for the both of you. we are looking forward to having a daughter in law ( but we will love you like our own daughter ) we don’t know what God has planned for the both of you but i’m sure it will make for a very exciting life together.Let us know how we can help with your plans.

    love dad and mom

  3. My dearest Stephanie:
    Adam and I could not be happier for you and Mike. You look great together and the smile on your face in the pictures says a thousand words. It brings us joy to see you so happy. Please keep us updated on the wedding plans and please let me know if I can help in any way. We look forward to meeting Mike and spending time with you both whenever God brings our paths together again. I miss you lots and will continue to keep you in my prayers.
    To God be the Glory,

  4. mike and stephanie…

    congrats you two! mike, it sounds like it was a job well done, as i knew it would be coming from you. you sound absolutely delighted, and i’m so happy for you. stephanie, i’m looking forward to getting to know you as this fabulous woman that has brightened the life of my friend mike. all that i’ve heard has painted you to be a true woman of God, and i’m excited to hear more about the journey you and mike will make together. congratulations you guys!


  5. Mike, I’m so sad that being one of your roommies, I did not know about this until reading this post:o( Seriously, excited 4 ya both!

  6. first i must say that the house looks great. i can’t wait to see it in person. second, I am so happy for you guys. I couldn’t have asked for a better brother-in-law if i had picked him myself. i can’t wait to see you guys on the fourth!

  7. Dear Stephie,
    After getting through the tears brought on by reading one of the most romantic proposals of my life, I can say “Wow”!…. I have to disagree with one of your statements though.
    With all sincerity Stephie… if you don’t deserve this fairytale then who does? You are one of the most loving and caring friends that I have ever been blessed with.
    I know that you feel blessed to have Mike in your life, but don’t doubt for one minute that Mike isn’t as blessed to have you in his life as you are to have him in yours.

  8. Congratulations Stephanie and Mike! What a wonderful proposal and I pray that God will richly bless your engagement and marriage!
    Kate (Thompson) Lanier

  9. Congrats, Mike! Having just recently enjoyed the pleasure of getting married, I can honestly say that there’ll be plenty of stress but also plenty of laughs and genuine, deep, satisfying happiness to go along with it. Best wishes for you and Stephanie both.

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