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As long as I have the time…

With my beautiful fiancé in Destin for the week, life has slowed somewhat and I actually have time to reflect on this life that I’ve been living. With wedding planning, work, errands, sleep, life, friends, commitments and so much more, there just hasn’t seemed to be time to stop and think about what is going on. And what is going on? Only the biggest changes of my life. Let’s start with this cute little guy at my feet. Jet is (supposed) to be a Havanese, but I think he’s a sh*tzu. And in a couple of weeks (less than 9), I’m gonna be his dad. I’ve never had a dog before. With me dog-sitting this week, I actually am excited about coming home and having him be so excited to see me with his tail a waggin’ and jumpin’ all over me. I’ve never had that before, and I think I kind of like it. He still favors his mother, but so do I, so I guess I can’t complain.
Also, I might be moving to Mount Dora soon. Yikes. I’ve never lived so far out in the sticks since I lived over an hour by bus away from Nairobi, Kenya. Pray that God provides a buyer and also a perfect place for us to buy here in Orlando. Added stress to everything else going on.
Oh, and did I mention that it is less than 9 weeks until the wedding? Holy shnikees. That is coming up quick. If I even started to talk about the changes in my life because of that, I’d write a blog so long that no one would read it. It’s not like I want to fill up my blog with tons of useless stuff like picture after picture of doors or something inane like that. I want to keep my audience (if there is one anymore since I never update) interested. And hopefully you are.

So briefly, here is what I’ve been reading lately: Piper’s “Future Grace.” What I am getting out of it so far (after hte first 4 or 5 chapters) is this: past, present, and future are very important in the life of a Christian, but so often, we dwell on the past, and live the present, without realizing the impact that God has on the future because of the past and present. Our response to the past is usually one of gratitude (for me recently, it is “Thank you God for helping me pass my online traffic school class so I don’t have to retake the test.”), and rightfully so. But when facing you future (shout out to all you FYFers who might read this…if you have no idea what I am talking about, nevermind), understand that the grace that God extended in the past will permeate the present and completely fill the future. What happens to anxiety? Out the window! What happens when you’re faced with a major decision about leaving a CV Surgery practice that you felt called to move to Florida in order to work for? How do you approach that? Looking back on God’s grace in your life helps you to understand his grace in the present and allows you to have faith in his grace for the future. (And praise God that he made that decision clear today!)

I’m excited to learn more of what the Pipester has to say, and if anything worth sharing comes along, I’ll drop you all a line…



6 Responses

  1. That’s so cool, Mike. It’s funny how little things like dog-sitting can bring home the reality of the cool life change you’re walking through right now. I’m SO happy for you guys, I could cry. (Of course, I’m in the couseling program now, so I cry about just about everything. I only wish I were kidding.)

    Of course, you talk about posting pictures of doors…why not posting a picture of the dog? I love that you put the asterix in the middle of his breed.

    I remember liking Future Grace. A friend of mine that’s a total Piper freak says that’s his favorite book of Piper’s. I’m not sure if I liked that book or Desiring God more, but both shaped my thought on Christianity for a good portion of college. I actually don’t think I’ve read much Piper since then. I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying the book – and having a chance to think about something outside of the wedding every once in a while.

  2. Yeah, I think Jet is a Sh*tzu too and I have seen the evidence (on the floor;).

    I’m excited for you and your future, even if I don’t see you much any more. It is awesome to see what is going on. We will miss you at the house.

  3. Some of us actually would read about all the changes you didn’t post about, but yes, it would be very long. Even if I tell you how much things are going to change you’ll still be surprised. I’m still surprised. It’s a fun but bumpy ride.

  4. O U C H ! What a low blow on the door comments. For those who don’t know, I was so excited about getting new doors all throughout the house that I posted lots of pictures! Man, guess I gotta start making posts that live up to Mike’s expectations. But Mike, I didn’t think our friendship was works based? Where’s the grace?

  5. Mike, if you think it is great to come home and have a the dog happy to see you just wait until you have kids.
    The most awsome feeling in the world is to come home everyday and be hugged/tackled by your children, and once in a while your wife too.
    Looking forward to seeing you in September.

  6. Pay attention to what Daniel said! It’s all true! Plus the more kids you have the more love you get when you come home. I’m sure the kids will give you a taste of it when we are down in September.

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