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For Melissa…

Change is the order of the day, and it is coming along in a crazy, busy way. And it seems that nothing can bring about bigger change than a wedding. Wedding equals life right now, and it is hard to concentrate on much else, even while at work. I guess it is understandable since it is 4 days from today.
It is crazy to think of how much change being married is going to bring. I’ve lived with plenty of other people before, and I’ve shared rooms with people. But I have never shared a bed with someone, in fact, I still sleep in a twin bed! I’ve never bee responsible for a house before. I’ve never been responsible for a person before!
Amidst all the change about to come, the Lord is good and he remains a constant. I am really trying to soak in the last week. I want to remember it well and with fondness. I also want the Lord to really use this last week of “freedom” to understand him more fully. I’m praying that the Lord works in my life and turns me into a very Christ-like husband and eventually father…


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