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"Let me tell you how he lived."

So why is there a picture of Tom Cruise on our blog, especially in light of how he is perceived now? I’ll tell you why. He made a pretty good movie not too long ago called the Last Samurai that I watched for the first time tonight. I am not going to write about the tradition of the samurai and what we can learn from it, although we could probably learn a lot. What I am going to comment briefly on is two quotes from the movie.

(drumroll please)

“We have to remember who we are and where we have come from.” (or something close to that)

The emporer, who is portrayed as weak and cowardly throughout the movie, says this with about 10 minutes left to go in the flick. It is is one heroic moment in the whole movie. Here’s my Biblical connection that you were all waiting for: the Israelites, when they were truly following the Lord as He intended, knew who they were and where they came from. How many feasts and festivals did they have to remember what God had done for them? And they knew exactly who they were: God’s chosen people. As a member of God’s chosen people Israel, do I remember who I am (or whose I am)? Also do I remember where I came from? Do I remember what it was like to not be a Christian? Do I remember how Christ, my mighty warrior, died for me?

Quote number two:

“Let me tell you how he lived.”

This quote comes from the lips of the great Tom himself when the emporer asks him how Kosumoto (spelling?) died. Tom obviously felt it was more important the life that he lived. Argue this point: what was more imporant, the life Christ lived, or the death that he died? Like love and marriage, you can’t really have one with out the other. His perfect life was so important, but also was his sacrificial death. Yes, he came to die, but you can’t die without first living.



3 Responses

  1. Great analogy and bringing culture into relevance. I think you would make a great pastor:o)

  2. I like your thoughts, Mike. I especially like your reminder to remember the righteous life as well as the atoning death of Christ.

    I actually remember being a little bored by this movie, but I’m glad you were able to pull out some meaningful things from it!

  3. Hey Mike,
    Great thoughts! I have a little blurb to add to your wise words. Christ came to live a perfect life so that he could be the perfect sacrifice (pure, unblemished lamb). But more than just dying is the wonder and greatness and priority of preaching his resurrection. All three need to be held as equally valid, perfectly progressive, and wonderfully constructed by God the Father. The Father sent, Jesus died, the Father raised, Father and Jesus sent the Spirit. Wow.

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