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Thanksgiving Weekend Pictures

Here are some great pictures from the weekend. Steph and I had a great time except for the 14 hour drive home on Sunday. As you can see from the photo gallery, the weekend not only included more turkey than we could eat, it also invlolved hiking, a giant swing, a high ropes course, and the lights at Opryland Hotel.

And what would a Thanksgiving post be without something that I am thankful for? This year, I am most thankful for my beautiful wife. She is my best friend and the love of my life. I can not imagine my life without her in it. I love you, baby!



4 Responses

  1. You guys are the coolest couple I know, yet:o) So uhm what were you climbing? A tree?

  2. You guys are the coolest couple I know, yet:o) So uhm what were you climbing? A tree?

  3. I feel like I have been a little absent from my husband’s blog lately, but I just wanted everyone to know – I am trully thankful for God’s blessing on Mike and I this year. I have had a rough time at work lately and he has been doing far more than his fair share. Mike, I appreciate you more than you may know. You are the love of my life, my lover, my helper, and my friend. Thank for making this team work. Your loving wife

  4. Wow, you made me feel a little bit better about my 11 hour drive from Maryland to Chicago. By the way, Stephanie, Mike told me the other day that Sandra McCracken was hot. He also said that I could tell you because he’s not afraid of you. Ask him about it sometime and let me know if he does a good job digging himself out of the hole I’ve created.

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