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Our Tree

Even though its was 85 degrees today, Steph and I got our first tree together. She is definitely the tree guru. She knows want she likes, and se knows what she wants. So that is what we got: a 8-9 foot frazier fir. It pretty full and pretty even, and it smells great.
Now comes the decorating. With Steph being swamped with work, the decorating will come in stages. Tonight was the lights (although we came up a strand or two short). As you can see, we had a little incident with the lights on the tree. They got so bright I thought they were going to explode and start the tree on fire! Just kidding!
There will be more updates as the tree takes shape!


2 Responses

  1. lol! When I first glanced at the picture, I was admiring your 7-8 foot frazier fir. Little did I know that you intend to add another foot to your beautiful tree…Merry Christmas!

  2. Hey, nice house. Prob much nicer if I was invited over!

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