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Signing off for a while…

First things first, there are some new pictures to check out, so please click on the the pictures you see below. Jet and Avery got another haircut, and like a pround papa, I can’t help but post photos (no matter what Jeff Jakes thinks about my manhood). The second batch is a few pictures from a recent wedding that Steph and I went to in Fort Lauderdale. The scenery shots that you see were from our hotel room. It was beautiful.

Jet and Avery
Mike & Steph

Second, I’m signing off for a while. In one of the classes that I am taking right now there is a project that requires each person to give up some sort of technology for 4 weeks and then write a paper reflecting on it. I chose to give up my computer (except for email and necessary class research). I know that not blogging for the next 4 weeks won’t be a huge change since I don’t blog that much to begin with, but a lot will be going on between now and then. I will have a lot to update. I’ll start with pictures from our trip to Colorado that is coming up soon! We can’t wait! So, if you want to get in touch with me, you can do so, but only via email. And if you have a blog that I frequent, I am sorry, but your words will go unread until I am back. Just for kicks, I’ll post my reflections so that y’all can read what–if anything–I learned.


2 Responses

  1. Crummy timing to not be able to tell anyone you’re going to Africa. But wait… I just did it for you!

  2. Mike, you have just won A LOT of $$$$ but too bad you wont’ check this for another three wks. Unfortunately, the time for claiming this price is 24 hours.

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