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Pray for your pastors (and their wives)

A couple of meetings and an article that I read recently got me to think how much we all need to be in prayer for those who are ministering to us. I had the priviledge of meeting with two pastors for a while this week. One of them was Ande Johnson who is the pastor of RUF at UCF. Ande’s a great guy and a new friend of mine who faces his share of challenges as a new RUF pastor. Later in the week, I met with the pastor of my church, Jeff Jakes. I’ve had the privilege of having Jeff not only for a pastor, but also for an older brother for the past three years or so.
Maybe it was just Holy Week, or maybe it is simply the life of ministry, but these meeting showed me that ministry is not easy and pulls a person in many directions at once. It showed me that these men really need our prayers. Not only them, but their wives and families too. I found an interesting article in Time the other day that show s just how much pastor’s wives need prayer as well.
So when you are celebrating the resurrection of our Lord this weekend, don’t forget to pray for your pastors!


2 Responses

  1. I loved the article you referenced and I visited a few of these blogs created by pastor’s wives. Fascinating stuff….will be a helpful reminder in how to love and encourage Stephanie once you become a pastor!

  2. Stephanie already needs a lot of love an encouragement right now with all the time that I am spending studying!

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