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Less than a week to go

Well Steph and I are leaving for Tanzania in less than a week now. It’s been kinda crazy round here the last couple of…well, the last couple of weeks to be honest. Ever since we got back from Colorado life has been busier than normal. Steph has been doing a ton of work for the trip that is coming up. She is basically doing all the administrative part of the trip on top of her current job. I guess in a sick and twisted way it is nice because it gives her something to do while I am studying. I seem to be studying so much lately that I feel like I am back in college with the wierd hours that I am keeping. I realized that I don’t need a lot of sleep, but less than 6 hours is pushing it. I can do it once or even twice in a row, but then I need my beauty rest.
I wanted to give a big shout out to the people who have supported us for this trip. You are a blessing and an answer to prayer. The rest of you, don’t worry, you are a huge blessing to us as well, and we love all of our family and friends!

With that said, here are somethings running through my brain this week:
I’m looking for a ministry opportunity to become involved in during this summer (and beyond if possible). Those of you who are warriors out there, please pray! If anyone has any great ideas, let me know!
The whole Don Imus thing this week has gotten me thinking about depravity and forgiveness. Where are we as Christians supposed to land?
It was proven today that room temperature Coke cools the quickest when placed in a cooler with ice and …. (drum roll please) rock salt! Who would have known? Drop it like it’s…cold.
I’ve really enjoyed my devotions this week. How can one tell? Almost every line in my Bible has been underlined! It’s great, but it makes devotions take longer. I’ve been reading the Psalms, and they have just been coming alive this week! It have been refreshed reading David pouring out his emotions in praise of our great God.
I did a bad thing this week. I made a friend that I haven’t talked to in about four years look like an idiot. I guess he had it coming though. Helpful hint to all of you out there: if you talk to a friend you haven’t talked to in four years, avoid the “So how’s such and such girlfriend/boyfriend?” comment. The chance for backfire is just too high.
Ahh, so much more is going on, but I doubt anyone is still reading my ramblings. If I am not able to post before we go, we love you all! Please pray for us!


3 Responses

  1. I always read your rambles – I love you

  2. Tanzania? Wow, that sounds exciting. I’ll ask you more Tue night before Pratt’s big dig.

    Yeah, avoiding the how’s your boyfriend/girlfriend question is always good, unless she’s beautiful and you’re single like me, then that’s always the second question I ask since I don’t want to make it too obvious:o)

  3. did i miss something? what was with the coke comment?

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