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A day in the life of Mike Fennema

This is a post inspired by the great Ethan Pitsch who I am extremely jealous of right now. I thought that I would give you all a peek into a typical Tuesday in the life of Mike Fennema:

Starting the day of with John Frame and Apologetics to the Glory of God at 4:30 am.

Cooking the turkey bacon for me and my beautiful wife.

Quiet time with the whole family!

Saying goodbye to my sweetheart (I won’t see her again until I climb into bed tonight with her already asleep)

On my hour-long drive to 10 am class.

The beautiful landscape I have the privilege to view for an hour.


Typing out notes during class.

Steve Brown teaching Communication 2

Lunch break errand: Bank of America. I had to get a Money Order for that which I would rather not talk about

Back to the Apologetics homework during lunch break (by the way, I bumped into Dr. McKenzie in the hall as I was getting my lunch, and he said to me “Hey man. Got your lunch, huh?”…It was awesome.)

The feeling of just sitting through four hours of class (if it wasn’t for Steve Brown and his stories, I might have gone crazy)

Finishing off a sermon for Com Lab in the UCF Student Union while waiting for RUF to start at 8 pm.


The long drive home, and trying to stay awake…(just kidding by the way…that was a posed shot)

Home Sweet Home

Finishing up the Blog Post

And finally…with my wife in our bed…sorry to disappoint you all. And what a day it has been. I’m ready to do it all again tomorrow!

The Day in Review:


3 Responses

  1. ok – you seriously just redefined the word “Classic”… this is a great post!!


  2. I do not envy that commute, my friend. Sometimes I feel like I endure a great deal of stress due to the foreign culture I live in, but I often remind myself, “at least you don’t have to drive in Orlando.” (seriously!) Thanks to you, I now have a blog entry to remind me of the blessing of sweaty public transportation (at least I can study on the bus) and walking to and from class in the snow (at least it only takes 15 minutes).

  3. Now Mike, Too bad you couldn’t just take a day off school as we did today! Check out our blog for all the cool pictures of the children at the zoo! The weather was cool too! A nice 60 degrees! AHHHH with the nice red and orange leaves crunching underfoot and the smell of fall in the air…..

    See you in November! Love to you and Steph from all of us!

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