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Update on Life

Life for Stephanie and I seems to be busy as of late, but I guess that isn’t so unusual, especially in the holiday season. We just got back from a great trip to Chicago to see my folks for Thanksgiving. Thursday consisted of church in the morning (must be a midwest thing because none of the churches anywhere else seem to have a service on Thanksgiving), an amazing dinner cooked by my mother and assisted by Steph, an afternoon of catching up with my good buddy Drew Durdin, and an evening of nieces, nephews, and Catch Phrase.
On Friday, Stephanie and I, along with Tim and Sarah Boer, hitched a ride on the train and spent the afternoon and evening downtown Chi-town. We witnessed the lighting of the tree (which his actually 113 trees made to look like one giant tree), and walked our freezing little behinds up to Pizzeria Due for a classic meal of Chicago-style deep dish pizza. Tim and I had a slice and a half and the ladies just had one slice a piece. You always think that you can eat more than just a slice, but there is just no way.
Our flight back home to Orlando left Saturday evening, but before we left, my parents, Stephanie and I celebrated a little Christmas together. Since we won’t be able to spend the holiday together, it was nice to be there when we opened up the gifts for each other.
Now we are home and relaxing before another busy week. We are putting our house on the market tomorrow, so if anyone wants to buy some investment property in Mount Dora, just give us a call. Better yet, if you know of someone looking for a great 3/2 near a lake, let us know.
I am in the process of sending out resumes and MDF’s (Ministerial Data Form) to various churches for positions, so please say a prayer for us. We don’t know where God is calling us at this point, but we are confident that he will guide us in the right direction.


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