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Pray for peace in Kenya

I don’t know if any of you have been following what has been going on in Kenya recently, but from what I have been reading and seeing on the news, it looks pretty bad there right now. Many people have died due to violence after their recent elections because the results are disputed and people think that the election was rigged, according to my understanding. It is just sad to see so much corruption, violence, and death.
Having spent almost 6 months in Kenya when I was in college, there is a very special place in my heart for the country and its people. Ironically, Kenya has typically been viewed as one of the most stable countries in Africa after it gained its independence back in 1963. However, peace is being held hostage as people protest the results of the election. Please pray for the nation as a whole and for the people specifically. During the passing of the peace in church today, our pastor mentioned that we need to be praying for peace ot reign on the earth, especially in placed like Kenya right now. If you have a moment, pray for peace, not only in Africa, but around the world.


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