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What is God doing?

What is God doing?
Stephanie and I have been praying lately that God would reveal to us what he has up his sleeve, and it might be something that we could never have possibly anticipated. During a conversation I was having with my wife, it was mentioned that if I was not able to find a position with a church or with a campus ministry, then maybe I would teach for a year or so. It seemed like a good idea, and we both agreed that it would work if God led us to that point. Soon after that conversation, Stephanie had a conversation with her friend Melissa in which she told Melissa about our conversation. Melissa promptly responded that we should come and teach at the school that her husband Adam has been teaching at for the past couple of years. Stephanie passed that on to me, and I was not opposed to the idea. A few days later, Adam relayed to us a position opened up at the school that requires an ordained pastor. The person in this position would plan and direct chapels and also spiritually mentor the students. What a great position! As of this week, I put in my application to this position. The way that Stephanie and I have been feeling God directing us as of late is that if I am offered the position, we will most likely take it. But we will wait and see what God is doing.
Oh, did I mention that the position is near Teguchigalpa? Yeah. That’s right. Honduras.
What is God doing?


2 Responses

  1. Why not Honduras? It will make our family even more international and give Dad and Mom another place for travel!

  2. Mom and Bill are praying that God does continue to guide you and lead you. And if it is Honduras- we will help you find a goat! And Mom and Bill want you to call it Billy!

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