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Did I say I was overwhelmed?

I thought I was overwhelmed last night. That was before the chaos that today was. I was working diligently on my essay questions for Systematic Theology 4 class that just got done last week. Our class has until the middle of March to get everything done for that class, but with all the work that has to be done during the semester, if you don’t get it done as soon as possible, you are going to kill yourself. My work was interrupted by a voicemail from my good buddy Wes. How nice…he wanted to make sure I was ok….because I wasn’t in class today. What?!? Class?!? I thought that classes weren’t supposed to start until tomorrow! I couldn’t be more wrong.

Well, with one class already missed and another one already underway, I got my butt in gear and hopped into my car so that I could drive all the way to Oviedo (just a quick hour drive…no big deal) and catch the last 2 hours of my next class. And now I am here in Dr. Frame’s ethics class when I thought that I would be at Orangewood sitting in on staff meetings, a place where I would much rather be. Oh well.

Nothing like losing a day of being able to study to make you feel even more overwhelmed…


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  1. i’m praying for ya.

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