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Pregnancy Class C

I often used to think of pregnancy as this magical, amazing time where you overnight developed the perfect basketball belly… ate pickles and ice cream with out adding cellulite to your thighs …… drifted about in beautiful maternity wear …. and patted your belly gently whenever the baby kicked. I was so wrong. Although some people may have a pregnancy just like the one I mentioned – It has certainly not been the case for me, at least not yet anyway.

First of all, most people can not even tell that I am pregnant, you may ask why am I upset about this? I am nearly 16 weeks along every book I read says I should be showing now. Don’t get me wrong I am thankful that I am not as big as a cow, but having a little belly would be nice at this point. Also, one thing I never thought about before this luxury was taken away from me, was the ability to self-medicate for whatever ailment or illness I had. If I was sore I would take Motrin, if I had a cold I would take Sudafed. The pregnancy has brought about headaches that I consider the worst in my life and the ONLY medicine I can take is Tylenol. I was almost in tears the day before yesterday with a headache and sinus congestion. As a PA you can imagine I looked up every drug I could think of and all of them were labeled “Pregnancy Class C.” Basically, this means “we are not certain that this will harm your child, but it has not proven so well with baby mice so you probably should not try it” Oh the agony.

I hope you all can gather the hint of sarcasm in this post. I am really not loathing life, I think I have just started to realize the many sacrifices I have and will be making for this precious little one growing inside me.

On a much more serious note when I was having that agonizing headache, I finally laid my head down on the desk where I was trying to work and prayed. I often feel like I barely have the faith of an electron much less a mustard seed. However, I prayed that God would take away my headache and I told him I really was not sure in my heart that He could but I new in my mind that He was able. 15 minutes later the headache that had plagued me for 3 days was gone. The same night Mike prayed that all my cold symptoms would be gone the next day and they were. I fully understand that God did not have to do any of this and that He would still be a mighty and powerful Lord even if I was still hurting, however I also know it was nothing but God’s power that enabled me to recover.


3 Responses

  1. I can understand what you feel like. I had other issues during my pregnancy that I thought if I had to go through it one more time, I didn’t know if I could take it. God certainly brings you through and when you’re able to look back on it, you’ll see that He was right there by your side, holding your hand.

    In terms of the belly, I didn’t show until about 6 months. One day you’ll wake up and say, wow how’d that happen? 🙂 If you haven’t already, you’re getting to the point where you’ll start to feel him/her move. How fun! We’ll keep praying for you guys, hang in there!

  2. Isn’t God good baby? I’m so thankful that you are feeling better!

  3. ohhh.. i know about some “class c” drugs to well and a wife who is sick and pregnant.. glad you guys are blogging! so true about sacrifices.. we felt it last week big time.

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