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The Things You Swear You Would Never Do

I’m starting to learn to erase the phrases “I would never do…” or “I could never see myself doing…” or “I wouldn’t be caught dead doing…”. I’ve done that before (see this almost 10-year-old reflection I wrote immediately following Facing Your Future, and let me know if you find it funny in any way. I do.).

Stephanie and I are praying hard—not only for our baby—but for a position to open up for me. We are waiting back to hear from the school in Honduras. They have my complete application, and they should be getting back to me shortly. We shall see what will happen. I had some interesting encounters recently and other opportunities might be presenting themselves in areas a little closer to home. I’ve also started to apply to positions that I never thought that I would apply to. That is where this post comes from.

Steph and I had a great day in Sunday School yesterday. It wasn’t that the lesson was extremely provocative or deep. It was a good lesson, and I think the kids are enjoying the study we are doing. What made yesterday so good is that as I was walking out of the class afterwards, the thought ran through my mind “These kids are actually starting to like us.” Our students—junior high kids—actually like us. That is huge. In the beginning, we knew that they didn’t. They weren’t mean; they just didn’t know us and didn’t care to get to know us because they didn’t know if we were going to be sticking around or not. Well, we’ve been around for almost a year now, and they are starting to trust us. It is truly a beautiful thing. On top of that, one of the kids related his past year to the man who was born blind and Jesus healed his blindness. He said that he feels like the blind man because God has been opening up his eyes spiritually over the last year, and it has been really cool. (I’m such a weenie that I’m actually starting to tear up as I write about it…get it together Mike…). The rest of the class actually clapped when he read that. It was awesome.

Please pray for us as we try to figure out where God is calling us. Spiritually, we are experiencing a great exercise in trust and patiently waiting on the Lord. When you look back on great spiritual exercises, you can begin to see what God is doing. When you are going through them, it isn’t always clear what God is doing and is quite often a struggle. Please pray for our struggle.


2 Responses

  1. I know this is late on the timeframe for commenting, but reading about the kid feeling like the blind man — brings tears to my eyes. What a beautiful site that our students are falling in love with Jesus — and their eyes are being opened!

  2. I agree…It’s amazing to watch y’all in action with your students at church and Marla & Kitty. Your efforts have not been in vain. If for nothing else, you have challenged those around you to step out of their comfortable homes and love others boldly too. I’m praying for y’all and all the new things on the horizon. God is good and faithful…I can’t wait to see how it all goes down for y’all. He usually saves the good stuff for the last minute. Be patient. He’s got you right where He wants you – in His hands.

    Love to Elliot and the pups,

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