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The Name Will Be Carried On

It’s a Boy!!!!! We are so excited that we are having a boy after countless people telling us that we were having a girl (not that a girl would be bad). We have a few pics of the my tiny shopping spree (

Mike gave me play money to buy some gender specific items- so I went nuts at Target!!!). Even though we have no idea where
we will be living we went ahead and put the baby things in one of our bedrooms. Truth be told all the items have been donated graciously to us and we were running out of room in the garage. So these probably are not nursery shots, but you never know. We feel so blessed that our little “Fennema” is alive and well, kicking and rolling about. We are grateful to our Heavenly Father for the joy of this little guy inside me.



3 Responses

  1. We are so excited for you! Babies are just so wonderful! I just love crawling into bed at night with Sara snuggled in between Daniel and I.


  2. Is the world ready for a little Michael Jr??? I guess we’re about to find out. Congratulations!
    Matt and Meredith

  3. Congrats Fennemas!!! Ande just told me about your blog…I’ll be keeping up with you guys now. Praising God for his goodness.

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