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Blessings in the Midst of Uncertainty

The end of my pregnancy is rapidly approaching and it seems life is not keeping the pace. I started my third trimester last week and Mike and I are still as uncertain about our future as we were the day we found out we were pregnant. Our house it still unsold, Mike is still on the job hunt, and we are still not sure of our “plan” for me following the birth of our son in July. With all the chaos, we are both learning to trust completely, to fear not, and to pray often. Even though I do pray for answers, I can truthfully say I am grateful to God for allowing this struggle. We are learning so much.

I continue to feel blessed in the midst of this trial. Friends at church had a baby shower for Amy Pitsch and I last weekend. It was so much fun. I am sure that I am biased, but I felt it was so much more fun than the typical shower. Mike and I consider ourselves loved and honored to have such wonderful friends. Here are a few highlights. Kudos to the creative women in my church – I received a homemade quilt as well as some decorative blocks. Elliot will certainly be stylish with all the cute clothes he got including this seersucker outfit.


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