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With graduation from seminary behind us, Stephanie and I are in a strange transition phase this summer.  many things are happening at once, making it a difficult time for us as a family.  Stephanie is doing well and is still due at the end of July.  I have officially started as the Youth Pastor at Redeemer Presbyterian in Evans, GA, but I am in Orlando for a week to help out with BVS at Orangewood.  I am heading back up to Evans starting next week.  Steph’s sister Brittany is staying with Steph for a cuople of weeks, and I could not be more grateful to her.  I couldn’t imagine Stephanie being alone every night.  While in Evans, I will be adjusting to the new position as the Youth Pastor and finalizing everything for the house that we are under contract for as long as everyrhing shakes out like it is supposed to.  We hope to close on the 27th of June and move in the foloowing weekend, if eveyrthing goes according to schedule.

As we go from this house to that one–which is a long story in it self that GOd is taking care of the details–many things are going on, not the least of them being Elliot’s long-anticipated debut. If you remember, say a little prayer for Step and I during this time.  We will be apart for a while, moving into a new house, having a baby, and starting a new job.  If that sounds crazy to you, that’s because it is.


2 Responses

  1. Life just is this way sometimes. Ours was a roller coaster also, but has now come to a dead stand still. If I had my way I’d prefer the roller coaster right now. However that is not God’s plan right now.

    It was great talking to you last night. Love to you and Steph and Elliot.

  2. I can totally empathize with you guys. Where Gary and I weren’t apart last year, but we had major transitions of buying a new house, having a baby, graduating and starting a new job. It’s a scary but exciting time! God does take care of the details and before you know it, that’ll all be behind you and you’ll be wondering where the time went. We can’t wait to meet (or at least see in pictures) your little guy!

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