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Our Turn Soon (Hopefully!)

Our good friends, Ethan and Amy Pitsch, just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Emelyn Grace Pitsch. Check out the pictures on their blog. It is weird to think that Amy is not pregnant anymore because Stephanie and she have been sharing so many experiences as they have been pregnant together.

Now that Emelyn is here, I can hardly wait for Elliot to come! Seeing pictures of her and thinking that a day ago she was still inside her mother’s tummy is just surreal. That will be Elliot in a few short weeks (or less, we hope!). I can’t tell you how excited I am right now for him to come. His coming will be such a huge transition in our life. I can’t even imagine how big it will be. His coming will not only be the commencement of life with children, but it will be the start of our life in Georgia. Crazy. I really can’t believe that all of this is happening so soon! It’s our turn next!

Just to keep you all informed on how things are doing, Steph is still doing fine, but she is ready to be done and she is ready to be with her husband again so he can take of her. Brittany has been staying with her the last couple of weeks, and she has been a godsend. Thank you so much Brittany! Steph is officially 35+ weeks, so there are not too many more to go, thankfully. She will be going to the doctor every week starting soon.

We closed on our house in Georgia this past week, and I am starting to paint a couple of the rooms: the nursery, the master bedroom, and the great room/kitchen/eating area (its all one big room). We will officially be moving our stuff in on the 7th, and then the adventure of unpacking begins. My first task is the nursery so that Elliot has a place to stay when he gets here. Then it is the master bedroom and the kitchen and the living room and the guest room….it will be a process as all of you who have ever moved in your life know.

Please keep us in your prayers during this time. It is rough being apart from each other, especially during this time.


2 Responses

  1. We are looking forwarrd to Elliot coming also. just a suggestion though….keep Elliot in your room for a while. It’s much easier for night time feedings to reach into a craddle, then to walk into another room. Once the nursing relationship is established, Steph will be able to nurse laying down and catch a few extra zzz’s. Sara still sleeps in our room and with us occationallly and it is wonderful having her close by. Plus babies like their mommies close by at all times….just ask Sara!

    love to y’all

  2. we certainly will! dad made a beautiful cradle that we are going to be putting to use for a good long time!

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