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Vagabond Pregnancy

Elliot in his hoody towel after a bath

Elliot in his hoody towel after a bath

As I sit in my new home cooing over my beautiful baby boy, my mind has so many things to process. We will call them griefs and joys.

My firstborn son
Supportive and amazing husband
Wonderful friends (Pitsch’s, Jones’s, Gammichia’s, Wes – and many, many more)
Healthy child
My recovering body
A nice transitional place to stay (the Best Western apartment suite)
Seeing so many great friends this week
Moving to Georgia
Starting ministry at a wonderful church
Our home in Georgia
So much support from a place we do not even live yet (thank you Redeemer Pres)
Elliot sleeping or nursing
Grandma Lala’s and Grandma Fennema’s help
The Cooks and Pam Theall allowing me to stay with them the last 8 weeks of my pregnancy
Being so in love with my husband and son

Not having a vaginal delivery
Leaving so many wonderful people in Florida
Not being home
My labor experience
My puppies having to stay with friends
A house for sale
Leaving my hospital/job the place I have spent the majority of my time for that last 3 years
Elliot crying
Missing Marline
My Mom leaving
Having a tummy sleeper
Spending the end of my pregnancy apart from my husband
Unstable hormones

God has blessed us above and beyond my expectations. I am so thankful for so many things. He has been my rock through this very transitional time.
I look forward to sharing more as everything continues to sink in.



2 Responses

  1. Gotta love the hoody towel after a bath! That is my favorite thing to do…wrap Emelyn in her hoody and take pictures!

    When are you all moving back? I’m ready for the GA thing to be over. You know, you gave it a try and now it’s time to move back. 🙂

  2. Steph, that is ONE CUTE BABY!! Thanking the Lord for blessing you so abundantly.

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