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Strange Emptiness

Our house has a strange emptiness to it right now. Not a strange silence–as I was about to write–since a baby doesn’t offer much of that hot commodity. However, it is empty right now because Stephanie and I are alone for the first considerable time since Elliot was born 18 days ago. The parade of grandparents has come and gone now that Dad and Janet have come and gone.
What has been so helpful is that everyone who has come has their own special talents that they have lent to us while they have been here. This past weekend, Dad lent us his handyman skills while Janet helped with Elliot. Dad did more work in one weekend than I could have accomplished in a month. He put in 2 new ceiling fans, took down and replaced the ceiling fan in our main room (it is a 16-foot ceiling!), and then swapped out the fan that was in our bedroom with the one that he took down from the main room! He also replaced the chandelier in our dining room and installed a dimmer switch. On top of that, we had a large mirror (3ft. by 5 ft.) removed from above the fireplace and replaced it with our “seasons of Breckenridge” framed photos. It all looks great. Dad, we can’t thank you enough for all you did. And Janet, thank you for all your help cooking, cleaning, and taking care of Elliot. As with all of our visitors, you will be missed!
Now that the visitors have gone for a alittle while, Stephanie and I get to experience what this parenting thing is really all about. No one is around to take him off our hands at 3 in the morning now. So if you wouldn’t mind saying a little prayer for us and our sanity, we would appreciate it!
On another note, you might notice that there is a new link near the top of the page entitled “Photos.” if you would like to see a variety of the pictures that we have taken of Elliot up until now, you can click here.


One Response

  1. Y’all are in my prayers – 24/7.

    It’s easy to second guess yourself in the early days…so trust yourself as mommy and daddy…the Lord will give you wisdom. Y’all are doing great!

    I love and miss y’all!!!!

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