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Things I am “luvin” (In addition to Mike and Elliot of course)

I totally thought I would pop out a baby, have him on a schedule, breast feed like a champ with a freezer full of milk, and be ready to go back to work part time in a flash – I was so wrong. The mommy thing has been quite a challenge which is why this is the first real blog I have written and Elliot is six weeks old. Anyway – enough mommy blues. I have been enjoying a few simple pleasures while spending the majority of my time at home.
The first thing I have been loving is Angel Care. My baby prefers not to follow the recommendation of the American Academy of Pediatrics by sleeping on his tummy rather than his back. I hope this is not a precedent for rebellion in the future. None the less, since mommy is a PA and freaks out about all the possible medical what ifs – we purchased a system called Angel Care. It is a motion detector that is so sensitive it can detect Elliot’s breathing. The system will alarm if he does not move for more than thirty seconds (or if Grandma picks him up out of the crib and does not realize the angel care is on – much to her surprise!)
The next thing I absolutely love is the i-tunes genius. Thanks to my amazing husband Mike, we have more songs on i-tunes than I can possibly choose from. This is no longer a problem. I simply pick one of my favorite songs and i-tunes creates a playlist for me. It is awesome. So far I have loved every playlist it has created for me. Whether I pick my fave praise and worship song or the latest Coldplay tune, the genius goes through our plethora of music and matches my musical preference for the moment. This is great since I am home most of the day and like to mix it up.
The last thing I am loving is actually the absence of something. Mike and I are keeping the budget pretty tight until I go back to work part time. Therefore we did not purchase cable when we moved to Augusta. We have never had more than basic cable, but we decided to cut back even more. I have to admit we did get some bunny ears so we could watch the Olympics and the nightly news, but that is seriously it. I love it. It is nice to rent a movie every now and then, but we are forced to do other things rather than veg at night watching Friends reruns. Don’t get me wrong, we never watched a lot of TV, but now Mike is establishing nightly routines. For instance, after dinner he has been playing the guitar while we sing along. Elliot is not much of a singer yet, but he it enjoys listening.
That is all for now – I hope it is not another 6 weeks before I blog, but I am learning that accomplishing less is OK for now.


4 Responses

  1. Great to see a blog post from y’all! We’d love some pictures though….

    Don’t worry about the tummy sleeping thing. All 7 of ours were/are and never had a problem. I suggest co-sleeping if you are worried about monitoring his breathing. It’s really amazing. Elliot’s breathing will actually match up with yours. Dr Sears has some great books on it.

    Yeah for no cable! We haven’t had it in 6 years now and haven’t missed a thing. Whatever news we do miss can be found on the internet. Thorsten would disagree – he thinks that is why we have 7 children! LOL

    You can check out our blog for all our updates and recent ramblings.

    Love to y’all

  2. I think our society puts a superwoman complex on women and then if things aren’t perfect, you question yourself. I think it’s great that you are establishing your own routines and traditions and that you are honest about the struggles of new parenthood. It would be hard to be friends with someone who said, “oh everything is perfect” all the time. You are keeping it real. Miss ya!

  3. Yeah! Genius is awesome! As for angelcare, I haven’t experienced that yet, but hope to some day. Your doing great.

  4. I’m so glad that you are finding your way through this amazing world of parenting. I know it is overwhelming at times, but the payoff is worth it. Has he smiled yet? (the social kind, not just during gas) That’s the biggest reward ever!!!

    Damien and I are praying for y’all everyday. It’s a huge transition going from 2 to 3…and that’s not to even mention the move, job change, and church change. I can’t imagine how you are doing it…You’re amazing! I’m in awe…

    Know that you’re loved and missed by many in Orlando. Thanks for writing. I’m always wondering what’s going on with y’all.

    Michelle Jones

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