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Good Night!

We all had a good night last night. To our surprise and delight, Elliot’s biological clock went a little askew and he didn’t wake up at 2 am on the dot. He started to whimper at around 2:45, and I jumped up so that he wouldn’t wake up Steph. By the time I got to his room, he was quiet again. I loitered for about 5 minutes, heard nothing, and went back to our room. He whimpered slightly a couple more times and was back to sleep. Wow! This had never happened before. I almost didn’t know what to do. I figured if he was sleeping, I should be sleeping. Later, I heard him start to whimper again and I looked at the clock: 4:45. This is a record I thought. I asked Steph if I should get him, and she said wait until he is crying. He woke up fully and started crying a little after 5 am. What a blessing! That means that he slept a good 6 and a half hours straight, by far a record for him. I am not at the point of saying he is now going to start sleeping through the night, but I do feel that is a harbinger of good things to come.
Due to Elliot’s good night, I was able to have a good morning this morning. I love my mornings, and with Elliot’s schedule, it was making it difficult for me to get enough sleep so that I could wake up early. I stayed up after feeding him this morning and was able to go for a run, blog, and now I’m going to have my quiet time. I hope that this routine will become commonplace because I sure have missed it.
Here are some of the latest pics of Elliot! He is turning into such a cute baby. He is smiling more often now, and not just from gas! We also think that he eyes are getting darker, and we might have the first brown-eyed Fennema boy on record!


2 Responses

  1. Glad to hear that he slept longer. It is good to wait until Elliot is crying a good one before you go get him. Pretty soon you will let his cries put him to sleep and then he will be falling asleep without crying. We just lay Ethan down and he just lays there till he falls asleep.

  2. Oh sleep.. there is nothing so sweet as sleep when you haven’t had any!!!
    Here’s to more sleep in the future!

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