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Feat’s and Failures

Last Saturday I felt like super mom. Mike and I had the youth over for a party. We successfully fed 20 teenagers a Mexican fiesta with a total of 7llbs of ground beef which includes the extra that I had to cook after they devoured the first 5lbs. I manage to cook this while feeding Elliot a bottle, pumping (behind multiple locked doors mind you – would not want to scare a teenage boy for life), and making sure everyone was attended too. It was 3 hours of organized chaos. I felt totally accomplished and totally exhausted.

Sadly just three days later I called Mike crying because I was trying to get ready for our anniversary and Elliot was fussy. He asked me “Honey just what are trying to get done” and I replied sobingly “I am trying to get dressed” I am very grateful that to have a husband with a very flexible job. He was able to come home and help much to my delight.

On a more serious note. Mike and I are still trying to find someone to watch Elliot on Mon and Tues afternoons. I am going back to work part time on October 13th. Elliot will only be out of our care 10 hours per week, but it seems like an eternity. Please pray for us that God will lead us to make the right decision. Currently, I need to work a little bit out of financial necessity, but if that is not God’s will for us, then pray that He would meet our needs in some other way.


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  1. Oh…. I would watch Elliot in a heartbeat if I could!! Would love to have him here, as would the boys! Hope something comes up for you. In our thoughts and prayers often!

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