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Your Appreciation is Appreciated

Today was a day that made me proud of what I do.  A week ago, the first retreat that I had planned and led was concluding.  I enjoyed myself immensely, and the kids did as well.  I got some great feedback from the kids, the chaperones, parents, and my wife.  It was a really good feeling.
Today during church, I was given the opportunity to ask a couple of students to give a brief testimony about the retreat: what we did and what they learned. The two people that I asked were nervous, but agreed to do it anyways. And they did an awesome job. They communicated well, made the congregation laugh, and accurately described the retreat and what went on. Not only that, but a week after the fact, they were able to describe in detail the things that I taught on during the retreat! A whole week! They have remembered for a whole week! Honestly, I’m not being sarcastic. I am really excited about that.
As the service was wrapping up during our final song, one of the elders came over to me where Stephanie and I were standing (near the back for Elliot’s sake) and tapped me on the shoulder. I figured out that he wanted me to follow him, so I did. As soon as the song ended, he presented Pastor Charlie and I with a number of cards in honor of Pastor Appreciation month. On behalf of the congregation, he thanked us for our service to Redeemer. I was taken aback and extremely grateful to the king people who gave us gifts. It was completely unexpected.
Thinking about it now makes me realize how crazy it is to me. I was honored for “Pastor Appreciation” month. I’m a pastor. I know I’m not technically one yet since I am yet to be ordained (please pray for my studies!), but it is just around the corner. How strange. I’m finally and actually doing what I have felt called to for so long now.
Thank you to all of those who were so kind in your gifts to Stephanie and I. You appreciation is appreciated!


One Response

  1. Great stuff Mike.
    You deserve it.
    Go Gators beat them Dawgs.

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