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Christmas Came Early

Steph and I got each other an early Christmas present this year. Since we are hosting family for Christmas, Stephanie really wanted a new couch. She also wanted to flip the room around. Our living room is a large open area, and we had some dead space to work with, so I suggested a sectional. After all the moving around and the new piece of furniture, here’s what we got:

Oh, and before I forget, we also finally paid off my car! The title is in the mail and we should get it shortly. The night we paid it off, we celebrated with something my car has never seen or felt before: frost. Sorry buddy.


One Response

  1. No sympathy on the frost – Sorry! You are too spoiled being down south. Some nice 30 degree weather is planned for y’all when you are here!

    BTW what time is Christmas dinner? What should we bring? Just kidding. Looking forward to see Elliot next week. Y’all too, but Elliot is the most important.

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