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Over 30 hours in a car or plane in less than 7 days, 4 hours, 4 months, and 10 OZ !!

This past weeks has been crazy for our little guy. We started off last weekend driving to Tampa (8 hours) for my sister’s wedding. Elliot had to endure the rehearsal, the rehearsal dinner, the bridemaids luncheon, the wedding photo’s and the wedding. The whole weekend was amazing. My sister looked beautiful and the wedding went perfectly. However I may add I never want to be a Matron of Honor again – what a ton of work, but totally worth it! On Sunday we traveled home via a 2 hour stop in Orlando to see some wonderful old friends (shout out to O-wood, the Gammichias, Jones, Walkers and Wes – We love you guys) We were home on Monday with just enough time to unpack and re-pack – then it was off to Chicago for the Thanksgiving holiday. On Tuesday we thought we would add just a little more traveling and drive 3 hours from Chicago to visit Mike’s sister and brother-in-law and there small family of 7 children (our beautiful nieces and nephews) for the morning and then of course 3 more hours home. Thanksgiving day we did not go very far just had church in the morning and then dinner at local church where the Fennema side meets for the Thanksgiving meal. Why do they meet in a church you may ask? Well Great Grandma Fennema has 37 great grandchildren most of whom where there. Not many homes can host all that love 🙂 Friday, we had just enough time for a relaxing morning and lunch with Mom and Dad Fennema before we were off to Airport again to come home.

WOW – are you exhausted just reading about it – I am. Elliot was amazing. He did not have any major breakdowns. He slept on all the flights, did not make a peep during the wedding, and crashed every night at the right time. You can look at him and see he is not hurting for food so in the midst of all the travel we decided to move him from a 3 hour schedule to a 4 hour eating schedule. We have been fairly religious about adhearing to the book “Baby Wise.” It has worked wonderful for us. He started sleeping through the night at 7 weeks and has continued to do so. His nights have extended from 6-7 hours per night when he was little to 10 hours per night now.
Yesterday he was eating at his regular time 7-11-3-7 and then once again before bed about 9 and we noticed he had not been eating great. I did not worry because we were flying and it was just a little bit nuts. He always makes up for it and boy did he ever. Last night before putting him down he drank 10 oz of breast milk !! Crazy. Maybe we should add solids soon because mommy will never be able to keep up with that sort of demand.

Thanksgiving Present (daddy) from Mike Fennema on Vimeo

Thanksgiving Present (mommy) from Mike Fennema on Vimeo


One Response

  1. WOW! That sounds exhausting!!
    So glad little E is doing well. What a little traveler!

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