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Recently Mike and I went out for a much needed date. It was a great surprise. I walked into Elliot’s nursery to change him and found a new top from White House, Black market (my favorite store) lying on the changing table. Mike had decided to take me out for a classic dinner and a movie. With Elliot and our work schedules it has been a while since we have been out on a date.
We dropped Elliot off with a family in our church and headed to Taco sushi, a trending little place that features the best of the south west to the far east. We had heard they had amazing sushi and they did!!! While leaving the restaurant we saw some teenagers coming in. One of the girls was dressed to the nines. She had waste length blond, bouffant, curly hair and a very stylish, (yet a little revealing) outfit. I remember thinking, “Man, it must have taken her forever to curl all that hair”
When we got to the movie theater to see our date night movie, “High school musical 3” and I remember just starring at all the girls. I felt like I had just walked into a scene from “Little Miss Sunshine.” Everywhere I looked there were mothers and daughter dressed far more stylish than me with big hair (think Jean Benay Ramsey), full make-up, and heals. Even on tiny girls probably no older than four years old. Well, I felt certain that there must have been some sort of community event that I had missed out on so I kept trying to make eye contact with one of the ladies to ask what they were doing. No one would look at me, which is really strange in the south, as it seems like I talk to at least 5-10 strangers every time I go to Wall-mart. Finally I just asked one of the women if they had been in a pageant and she just glared at me and said, “No, it was just a party.”
Our date continued and I just forgot about it, especially since we spent the next 48 hour in bed with food poisoning – the price you pay for
I found out 3 days later that I had been highly offensive due to my ignorance. There is a community of people that live in North Augusta called the Irish Travelers. They are also known as the gypsies. There are many rumors about this peculiar subset culture many of them bizarre and others frightening. The only thing that I know to be true is that they dress like beauty queens and do not appreciate being asked about it. OOPS.


4 Responses

  1. check out the bottom paragraph

  2. There is so much to comment on here: (1) High School Musical 3 is your date night movie pick? Fascinating. (2) If the Irish Travelers want to fly under the radar, then why do they dress their children like beauty pageant contestants to go to a movie? This whole gypsies in North Augusta thing is so interesting. (3) Mike picked out a shirt for you at the mall? Impressive.

    See you in six days!

  3. Okay – that’s weird. Thanks for sharing. Very interesting. I too am impressed about the top on the changing table. I only pray that Damien will stumble across this too and “take notes”. Love and miss you all!


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