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It’s Official (Finally)

Well, you may not have known it, but I didn’t officially graduate from RTS back in May. I “walked” as they say, but my diploma holder was empty. I had one measly credit left to take. I took a class this summer to complete my courseload, and guess what came in the mail today? That’s right, my diploma. So I have finally officially graduated. Now on to the next step: ordination. I was going to go for ordination in January, but I didn’t have the time to devote to studying that I needed with the holidays upon us and a new baby and a new job. So it will, Lord-willing, be in May instead. Please keep that process in your prayers! I need it!


3 Responses

  1. Yeah! We’re proud of you, Mike!

  2. Congrats Mike! I’m sure that you will fly through ordination. Our prayers will be with you, as well as Stephanie and Elliott. It’ll be great to a pastor in the family.

  3. Praise God! We continually pray for your family . Looking forward to baptism!

    Love Dad & Mom

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