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My Haven

It is amazing that I could live in a home for 5 months and not know that I had a beautiful lake less than 1/4 from my house.  I guess I have a little excuse for being unaware of my surroundings, his name is Elliot.   Today Elliot and I went out for a walk and found a spot that will be worked into my weekly routine quite often.  It is a lake full of ducks and geese, a little fountain, a bridge, and a beautiful paved path that goes completely around it. My best guess is that it is over a 1/2 mile in circumference. Elliot did not like our walk as much as I had hoped as he was dead to the world about 10 minutes into it. Mommy enjoyed the brisk cool breeze, nesting ducks, and rippling waves none the less. This will be my new haven.  I had such a wonderful time praying and exercising. Exercise is great for the body, it releases endorphin which is similar to morphine and just makes you feel so good all over.  I am even more excited now about shoe shopping. Mike gave me a gift card to get running shoes (don’t worry ladies – not becuase he was suggesting that I work out- but because I have been asking for them. )

Elliot may have been sleeping on our walk but he seems to be sleeping less and less during the day.  He is too busy playing! He is 5 months old today and can already sit unsupported and roll over multiple times flip flopping like a fish.  He started sitting about a week ago and I thought it was just a fluke, but he has continued to improve this skill. The rolling over is not as fun. I love watching him do it during the day however at night he rolls from his tummy to back and then is stuck, he wakes up and cries because he can not roll back to his tummy. If any veteran moms have had this problem and want to share an idea – please feel free. Meanwhile we will continue to enjoy our walks with hopes that Elliot may stay awake for the next one.




2 Responses

  1. He is quite the man sitting there al by himself!!

  2. That’s sounds really nice…ducks will be very fun to watch Elliot run after later this year!

    My advise? Have him practice during the day. Put him on his back often, and he’ll master the skill in no time.

    Best wishes for the New Year. As always, you and your family are in our prayers.

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