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Went in Pieces, Came home whole

This weekend I went with our Senior Pastor’s wife to a conference for Minister’s Wives. I hope I am never the same. This role has been more difficult for me than I anticipated. Actually, it is not so much the role rather the role +. I have a young child at home, I am the wife to an amazing man, I am a part time physician assistant, and also I have all that comes with being the youth pastor’s wife. I needed clarity of God’s call and I got it.
The conference was put on by Beth Moore with help from pastor’s wives. Although Beth is not a Pastor’s wife (which she made very clear), she is a women in ministry and can identify with so many of the difficult things we go through. The conference points were all in 6 word phrases Aggravations followed by Alternatives.
A) Ministry by Default, Life long misfit OR A) Chosen by God, have Holy Fit
A) Seek their Approval, Become their Slave OR A) Seek God’s approval, we find peace.
A) Work with People, Expect Titanic Problems OR A) We Choose to Trust, not to Rust
A) Trade you Bondage, Keep your chains OR A) Don’t Ignore;Get Restored, Then Restore
A) Sow the Flesh, Reap the Dregs OR A) Sow the Spirit, Reap the Life
A) Lose what Counts, Watch Misery Mount OR A) Keep the King, the Thing – JESUS

One thing I was really encouraged to think about was doing a few things well. There is no way I can be give 100% to all the things I have on my plate right now. I kept seeking God’s guidance to see if He was calling me to quit my job – I honestly wanted Him to call me to that, but He did not. For now I felt I needed to continue to work – It is one way that God has truly gifted me to be able to support my husband. I am so thankful that He encouraged me to get my masters before Mike and I met. So I will be a good wife and mother, and a good PA, for now I will have to hold of on doing some of the other things I was doing with the youth group. I hope that someday in the future I will be able to participate in Mike’s ministry in an active/different way, but for now I am called to support him from home.

The thing I keep thinking about is “God did not make a mistake.”  He called us both here for this. I have access to so many lost people that I work with, I see several broken, and hurting patients daily that I have the opportunity to pray for, pray with, and help heal. I am there for a reason. God knows the desire of my heart is to be with Elliot as much a possible, but for now, He has said wait.

The more I encourage my husband, the more he has to pour out on the students.

My six words:

There for him, him for them.

On a funny note, check out this You Tube video to see how Pastor’s wives feel about being used as sermon illustrations.


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