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Am I suffering? (Must watch Video!)

Am I suffering for the sake of the Gospel? Or I am I just another middle class suburban christian who thinks that suffering includes missing a meal or being on a budget. Oh Lord don’t let me miss out on Your amazing plan for my life.
We were convicted by this video and by the overwhelming impact Christ should be having on our life. I found myself thinking I need to do more, I need to BE more however THAT is not the gospel. What I do need to do is SEEK more. I know that we will suffer if we follow Christ with reckless abandon. This question is when it comes, will I turn my hands up and be thankful, will “I consider it Joy” as the Bible says or will be despondent and cranky. I was convicted firstly to be infinitely thankful for the gift God has given us currently and then to turn to him with the inconveniences of my current daily life in hopes that one day, He will trust me with true suffering.


3 Responses

  1. Hello conviction – so true what you say here: am I a middle class Christian who thinks being on a budget equates with suffering? You are speaking to me right where I am! I just finished reading The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom, a Dutch resistance worker during WWII who was imprisoned for saving the lives of Jewish people. SHE suffered – I have no idea what it means to risk life and comfort like that. Thanks for posting this. Ethan listened to it as well. Miss you guys.

  2. wow. that’s all I got to say.

    miss you all bunches and bunches.

  3. I’ve been reading Tortured for Christ and it has opened my eyes tremendously to those who have suffered and are still suffering for Christ’s sake. I am so humbled.

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