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Mini Van Miracle

Have you ever felt like there were just so many things going on that you could not handle that one extra, very small in comparison, little thing. In a future blog we can fill you in the chaos that has been our life lately. That is why the following story should not be a big deal, but as I am learning God does care about the little things as well. Let me explain. I am a clean car person. I always have been and probably always will be. I enjoy having an organized clean vehicle (even if it is just a mini van). It has always been my tradition to keep the car waxed at least once a year. We are planning to have this mini van hopefully for several years. It is paid off and we have no reason to sell it until we have more children than it seats – yikes! Waxing time is in the fall. The problem was that this year my car had what I thought was tar all over it from road construction, and seriously it was ALL over it. We tried everything to get it off literally everything : goof off, goo gone, Windex, car cleaner, gasoline, coke, dare I mention even a razer blade. This was the last thing in the world I wanted to be stressed about – It is just a method of transportation – nothing more. That being said – I gave it up to God like I feel I have been doing with so many things lately. I always wonder what I plan to accomplish by fretting.

One day last week I had a patient that was ecstatic with the care he had received from our office. Through our conversation I found out that he owned two local body shops. I asked him if he had any tips for getting tar off of cars. He said bring it by and “we will take care of it.” One day Elliot and I stopped by his shop. The workers tried all there magic concoctions to remove the tar – no luck. Finally they came to the conclusion that it was not tar at all, but road paint, a very adhesive paint. My heart sunk – I knew there was no way to get that off easily. A few minutes later, they came back to deliver the news – the bad news was they would not be able to remove the paint, but the good news was they would strip the whole van, buff it down and reseal it for 100 bucks. The normal price for such a job is well over 1000 dollars. And the best news – Since my car was basically just repainted – I don’t even have to wax it until next year.


2 Responses

  1. That makes me smile inside!

  2. Wow! That is awesome! Isn’t great how God blesses us if we’ll just sit back and relax. We can’t begin to imagine what wonderful gifts He has up His sleeve…if we’ll just let Him do it! Thanks for sharing – it’s a good reminder for me to trust Him with the big and little things. Love and miss y’all soooo much!

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