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300 dollar pancakes

For almost the last year I have been looking for a wheat mill and special mixer call the Bosch universal. A wheat mill retails at about $250.00 and the mixer $500.00 or more. Why on earth do I want these things, well I am glad you asked. Once wheat is ground from the original wheat berry it oxidizes very quickly – the short story is the stuff you buy in the store on a shelf has little to no nutritional value left – sad. Most nutrition is gone from the wheat if it is not consumed or frozen within seven days of grinding. The mixer is not totally necessary but lets be honest I don’t see myself kneading bread all day long with an 18 month old and 6 months pregnant. The mixer does the majority of the work and it needs to have jet engine motor to put up with freshly ground wheat.

Last week, I found my wheat mill and mixer for the combined price of 300 dollars on craigs list. You can imagine my delight as this is a huge savings, and I was able to cover the complete cost with Christmas money. Saturday morning I made pancakes using freshly ground soft white wheat (the kind of wheat used for pancakes and pastries versus hard white which is used for bread) and the where amazing. We even made our own syrup from scratch. The initial investment is costly but milling our own wheat will save us money in the long run. I love to pinch pennies but this was actually more about nutrition for me.


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  1. wheat berry….lol

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