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The Blizzard of 2010

Well I didn’t believe it when I heard the forecast (no offense Tim Strong), but it actually happened! Not only is it snowing as I type, but its sticking! When I took Elliot outside and started to pack a snowball, I realized that this was *perfect* snowman snow! With Elliot by my side, we began to roll the snow, and in no time at all, we had our little snowman family! If you look close enough, you can see all 4 of us! (wink, wink)
Since we live on the main drag in our subdivision, a lot of cars have been driving by. Many of them have been stopping, rolling down their windows, and taking pictures…oh Southerners. It’s like they’ve never seen a snowman before or something!
The snow is really heavy, and I’ve had to adjust the snowfamily a couple of times so that the don’t fall over. We shall see if they make it until the morning. Our crepe myrtle trees look like they are are being squashed! We hope that our pear trees make it, but we’re not so sure! We can’t wait until the morning because it doesn’t look like it will be letting up any time soon!
Who wants to have a snowball fight!?


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