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Growing up

I wrote this a while ago and forgot to post it, but better late than never. It is just amazing to me how much E has continued to change since I wrote this blog about 2 months ago…….

My little boy is growing up. Today, Mike was grilling burgers and told Elliot to take the plate in to Momma and throw away the trash. Note the two-step command – Elliot excuted the command with precision. Probably not that impressive for you non parents but pretty cool for us remembering just 19 months ago when all he did was drool and cry.

Recently, his vocabulary has really picked up including tractor (tra too), bubble,choo choo, book, ga gone, more, shoes, and I love you (i ov u) plus all his first words. Mike left for work last week and said, “Bye Elliot” and in response got “Bye bye dad” – melt my heart.

Here are some pics of our little man helping.

He is such a great helper. He loves to take out the trash and switch the laundry. I am trying to teach him to fold cloths (a task I lothe) but no luck so far.


One Response

  1. Elliot- i can’t wait for you to help me when I come see your new brother.( Hopefully it will not be too much longer) I love you!

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