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Oliver Henry Fennema

Oliver was born June 10th, 2010 somewhere between 5 and 7 days past his due date.  What an amazing blessing he has already been.  As many of you know, Elliot ‘s birth was quite traumatic and included 24 hours of labor followed by a C-section and then a one week stay in hotel until we could travel together to our new home in Georgia.  Oliver’s birth was everything opposite.  For the weeks leading to the due date I frequently prayed that I would go into labor naturally and also be able to avoid a C-section.  As Oliver’s due date came and went it seemed induction was a likely possibility.  This truly frightened me as induction increases the chance for cesarean, but Oliver was getting bigger which also decreases the chances of V-BAC  (vaginal birth after cesarean).   After a frank conversation with my OB and lots of prayer we opted for the induction on June 10th ( and lets face it I was oftly tired of being pregnant at 7 days overdue).  We started the oxytocin at 7 AM (this is the same hormone the body releases to make the uterus contract). The doctor had planned to break my water at that same time but he was not able to,  so he advised we just let the oxytocin due its work for a while.    I was bound and determined to wait to have an epidural at least until my labor was progressing well and advancing, that turned out to be slightly poor judgement.  My doctor got tied up with cases which was fine because my water broke on its own at 11AM.  At this point the oxytocin was high dose and was making my contractions much worse than they would be  with out the medication.  I decided to call for the anesthesiologist.   I was unfortunately third in line for an epidural so it took him over an hour to arrive.  In that time I went from 3cm dilated to 9cm dilated, needless to say it was a painful couple of hours.  We don’t have to go into detail here as “ouch”  pretty much sums it up.  After the epidural was in place and working, the first time they checked me my nurse, Sherry, a dear sweet women, said “you are complete – it is time to push.”   I was ecstatic and determined to push with all my might to avoid cesarean.  I pushed for 2 and1/2 hours and Oliver was born at about 3:30PM.    It was one of the most wonderful moments of my life.  He was able to nurse shortly after birth, and Mike cut the cord.  Speaking of Mike, let me just mention that I have the most amazing husband ever who coached me, prayed for me, pushed me to work harder, and as I later found out – cried for me due to pain I was in when he was forced to leave the room during the epidural.

The truth of the this story is that I did nothing, it was all about God.  We had so many people praying for us that day.  I could honestly feel the presence of the Lord in that delivery room.  In my pain I  clung to Isaiah 43 – “I have call you by name, you are mine, for I AM the Lord you God. ”  We give him all the Glory for the birth, and for this perfect little life we now have in our home.

So about Oliver.   He is doing great.  I love Baby Wise ( I truly think it is an owner’s manual for infants).  He is already on a great 3 hour schedule during the day and stretching 4-5 hours at night at 7 days.   It is hard to know what his personality will be like, but according to his desire to leave the uterus I would say he is fairly laid back kid.  His looks on the other hand are strikingly like Elliot’s.  As his mother I honestly have a hard time telling their baby pictures apart!

Thank you all for your prayers.  God is so good, and we are rejoicing in this time of blessing.


Oliver’s Birth

3 Responses

  1. So looking forward to seeing the grandchildren next week
    (you and Mike also) . Children are a blessing from the Lord!

    Love Mom Fennema

  2. Steph,
    I am so glad that this was a new and different experience for you. That is exactly what I prayed for. These are the moments that we will never forget and our kids will probably get sick of hearing about!! Truly hope that your first week at home is going well and that you are getting the rest and help you need.

  3. This is WONDERFUL. I was hoping this would be the story I would read/hear. So so happy for you both! Love you. And wow, what a good baby little Oliver is! 🙂

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