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Analogy Time

If anyone out there reads my blog (and I’m sure its probably about 3 people), here’s a little activity for you. Take a look at this picture of me and my dad (I’m sorry that the picture is not so great. I had to brighten it up manually because the lighting was poor.). The person who can come up with the best analogy wins a prize and recognition on my blog! Woah! That’s big time.


18 Responses

  1. Like father like son and the son’s following his father’s footsteps.

  2. So is this right before so spun Dad out?

  3. He might have taught you everything YOU know about driving but that doesn’t mean he taught you everything HE knows about driving. Still one step too slow.

  4. A father leading his son down the straight and narrow paths of life

  5. I always try to stay one step ahead of you, that way the surprises are not so big.

    I thought you were a lap back at this point.

  6. Like poker, two of a kind with the King ahead and the Jack behind.

  7. Not fair. In order to recognize the winner, I’ve got to know who this “anonymous” is…

  8. Anon6 is not the same as anon4 but is someone that may or may not already posted another comment here. Anon6 and now anon8 will let you know his ID if he’s the winner:o)

  9. I think I was clearing the way for you so that you would know where all the potholes of life were so you would have a smooth road to travel

  10. Two in one, one sixth in the other.

  11. gee, I wonder if “anon6” and “anon8” are shawn. I’m surprised he didn’t create a “fennemma” account.

  12. Whatever I can do to increase my chances is what I’ll do. I’m now Anon11.

  13. Just to let this “anonymous” character know, I’m looking for quality, not quantity.

  14. shawn, I thought all asians were supposed to be good at math. anon11 should instead be anon12.

  15. Ah, very good, Inspector Clouseau. You are right which means that I’m not all these previous Anons for I’d not have made that mistake.

  16. and the winner is Anon6

  17. Wow. I didn’t think that this would ever happen, but apparently someone wants to be me. Unfortunately for the person who just posted last and tried to use my name, it is easy to see that it was not from me. If you click on “Post a comment,” look at the names in this section. Some are in blue and underlined, and some are in black. As you see from this comment, mine are always in blue and underlined. The previous imposter was in black. Good try Anon6. You are immediately disqualified.

  18. does that disqualify all of shawn’s responses?

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